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Best Weighted Blanket Review 2019

In this article we are going to tell you about weighted blankets and why or when you should use it. In the end we also have frequently asked questions.

  1. Why Choose Weighted Blankets
  2. Weights and Size of a Weighted Blanket
  3. What are the Best Weighted Blankets for 2018?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t matter if you are having a problem falling asleep at night because of stress, anxiety, pain, or signs from a disorder or illness, purchasing a weighted blanket can enhance your sleeping experience. Of, course each one of us loves the constant feeling of a hug, right? A weighted blanket is not just comfortable and comfy, but it also makes you feel safe and secure. The warmth and weight from this kind of blanket utilize deep pressure touch stimulation, which makes the body relaxed and calm. If you are having an issue falling asleep or keep asleep, weighted blankets are a great investment in your overall well being.

Why Choose Weighted Blankets

You might have heard about the amazing perks of weighted blankets like helping various kinds of sleep disorders and soothing anxiety. Like a warm hug, a weighted blanker can have a very positive effect on anyone using it. Here are some of the benefits of weighted blankets:

Sensory Disorders

Sensory Disorders: Once your brain has difficulty getting and responding to sensory information, it might cause you to become overly sensitive to your surroundings. A weighted blanket can help boost Melatonin and Serotonin levels.

Sleep Disorder

There are many kinds of sleep disorders which people can suffer from, but the most common one is insomnia, or the incapability to fall asleep and then keep asleep. Another type of sleep disorder is the hypersomnia or excessively sleepy and parasomnia or unnecessary experiences while sleeping. Weighted therapy, using a weighted blanket, can boost the level of melatonin and serotonin during the night to help ease these disorders.

ADHA/ADD Spectrum Disorder

People experiencing from these disorders can be calm down easily by using a weighted blanket after work/school, or during a therapy session, or just to relax and have a good night sleep.

Autism and Aspergers Spectrum Disorder

Normally kinds with autism have a secondary finding of sensory dysfunction. Having a weighted blanket can help integrate sensory assimilation. This blanket can also help relax the kid after stressful situations as well as during therapy sessions.

Panic and Anxiety Symptoms, Tension and Stress

Weighted blankets can bring about a sense of safety when feeling a fear attack arising, irritability as well as lack of focus. Stress or anxiety can also keep your mind for falling asleep and relaxing, and a weighted blanket excites the production of melatonin and serotonin, for a good night sleep.

Menopause Symptoms

This condition can cause low sex drive, hot flashes, lack of focus, irritability as well as insomnia. Weighted blankets can be utilized as a way to help you relax these unnecessary signs for a lot of women without taking medications or sleeping aids.

People Aging 65 Years Old and Above

A weighted blanket is a good investment for seniors. This type of blanket, not just sooth pains and aches with old age, but also other aspects that might interrupt sleeping. People with Parkinson’s disease can gain from the equally distributed pressure across their body, thus help discomfort from stiffness, slow movements as well as tremors. The same way, weighted blankets for people experiencing from Alzheimer’s, help them feel peaceful, secure and quite after mood swings, stress as well as confusion.

Weights and Size of a Weighted Blanket

If you start looking at a weighted blanket, you may see there are many options available. There are lots of different weights and sizes, which it can be overwhelming. If you are using a blanket which is extremely heavy, particularly on a kid, it can be a very safety hazard. Ensure before purchasing a weighted blanket for your kid, and you need to visit your doctor for some suggestion and sound advice.

A general rule for choosing how much weight you must be searching for in a weighted blanket is that you have to use what is called the 10 percent rule. Once you measure the weight of your body and multiply it by 10 percent and then add one to two pounds, this can be utilized as a general rule. But, there’s a space in this for personal inclination. Also, keep in mind, a bigger weighted blanket you buy, the lower the weight for every square inch will be. On the other hand, a small weighted blanket you get, the higher the weight for every square inch will be.

With lots of weighted blankets available out there, it might be hard to pick the best one for you. To get the best one, you have to consider these factors:

  • Size and Weight: You have to ensure that you are purchasing the correct weight. This assures you that the blanket you are buying is safe and effective. You have to be extra careful when purchasing weighted blankets for kids, and as much as possible don’t put the blanket above your shoulders.

  • Material: If you are concerned with the sensory benefits provided by weighted blankets, then make sure to pay attention to the material the blanket is made of. The material can make or break your sleeping experience. There are many weighted blankets available that have one side blankets with bumps to help motivate the user even more.

  • Machine Washable: There are weighted blankets available that don’t come with a cover and aren’t able to wash using your washing machine. Normally if a weighted blanket doesn’t come with a cover, there’s an option to purchase, and this makes it easier to keep the blanket clean.

  • Price: A weighted blanket can differ in price seriously. This can depend on many factors like the durability of the weighted blanket, or the size of the sewed squares that normally hold the beads. A smaller square normally means more equally distributed weight.

  • Returnable: Weighted blankets can be expensive, and the ability to return it is vital. Even if the weight of the blankets can help a lot in soothing uncomfortableness, anxiety or stress, irritability, and many others, still it is a weighted feeling. A lot of people love the idea of the weighted blanket, however, are claustrophobic that cart off the relaxing effect of this blanket. What is more, great customer service is important all the time.

There are lots of factors which can affect the quality of your sleep. After an incomplete sleep last night, you are stressed the next day, which affect your productivity. A weighted blanket has been proven to help people experiencing from various kinds of disorders like sensory illness, anxiety, PTSD and many others. This kind of blanket also utilizes deep pressure touch stimulation which boosts melatonin and serotonin level to help proper sleep, without taking any medications. This kind of relaxation helps enhances sleep for a lot of people and can enhance sensory integration too. What is more, they are just extremely comfortable.

What are the Best Weighted Blankets for 2018?

Want to know the latest and the hottest weighted blankets out there? Then this best-weighted blanket review 2018 will help you a lot. Read on!

BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket

BlanQuil Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket

Are you in the market for the weighted blankets to help ease insomnia and anxiety? Look no further than BlanQuill Chill Cooling Weighted Blanket. This weighted blanket boasts an advanced fabric intended to usher away and disperse body heat allowing you a comfortable and cooler, personally adjusted experience. It has ultra-breathable high-tech fabric covers that work harder as you get warmer, wick away moisture and keeping cooler to the touch compared to typical fabrics.

This blanket is comprised of non-toxic or high-density poly pellet which is equally distributed all through the 28 inches by 74 inches blanket, offering a solid overall weight which the brand likens to a kid swaddle. This is intended to hug you back at cold night, closely mimicking how parents swaddle their kids while sleeping. The 20-pound weight also reduces the movement of the body all through the night.


  • Ideal for hot sleepers, the fabric is cool to touch

  • Stimulates your nervous system to create a feeling of being hugged

  • Machine washable

  • Enhances health, mood as well as restful sleep

  • Proven to enhance sleep and lessen stress

  • It also helps with insomnia and anxiety

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Premium Weighted Blanket

Premium Weighted Blanket

Do not want to go through the pressure of choosing which weight your blanket must be? This Platinum Health Premium Weighted Blanket measures 60 by 80 inches and comes only as a twelve-pound option. There’s a fifteen-pound option available if you choose a heavier blanket though. One part of the outer cover is made of 100 percent minky polyester, which makes it very smooth and soft as well. The other part comes with a textured pattern for people with sensory disorders or wants to fidget.

This weighted blanket from Platinum Health does not have square pockets or bulky stitching to keep in the exterior weighted system. The weighted interior system is made of 100 percent cotton as well as polyfill, which allows the feeling of the blanket to keep flat and smooth. The premium weighted blanket is made as a two-part structure for easy and fast washing because the outer portion zips off.


  • Available in five different colors

  • Sensory textured side

  • Very comfortable and warm

  • Zip-off for fast and easy cleaning and washing

  • Ideal for people with sensory disorders


  • Just one weight option

  • Pricey

  • The weighted portion can move in cover

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Premium Weighted Blanket by Weighted Comfort

Premium Weighted Blanket by Weighted Comfort

Premium Weighted Blanket by Weighted Comfort is a 60 by 80 inches two-piece set, weighted outer and inner cover. This is also made from 100 percent high-quality, breathable cotton. The minky soft outer duvet cover is available in gray with a typical Rhombus pattern, made from superior polyester and is supple and soft to the touch.

It has 7 attachment loops between the weighted inner and exterior duvet cover to keep the two aligned. This is apart from other products that only have 5 loops, missing the loops in the bottom and top, which cause the inner to fall down from the corners.

This weighted blanket also comes with non-toxic, silicone poly pellet filling that is also lead-free, hypo-allergenic and offers a feeling of calm, comfort, lessen stress and gives weighted comfort. It has separate compartments all through the weighted inner to keep the pallets equally distributed all through the whole blanket, offering a feeling of support and safety.

Best weighted blanket reviews for adults show that a 15 pounds blanket is the perfect size for children and adults can relax their nervous system, and minimize stress through stimulating the sense of being hugged and held.


  • 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Healthy natural remedy

  • Improved design


  • Pricey

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Premium Weighted Blanket For Adults by Rocabi

Premium Weighted Blanket For Adults by Rocabi

It is considered one of the best-weighted blankets available for adults today. It weighs 20 pounds and measures 60 by 80 inches. Premium Weight Blanket by Rocabi will fit ideally on top of queen size bed. It comes with comfortable minky cover which is very soothing as it touches your skin. Your senses are instantly stimulated to calm down and relax. This works for people with anxiety and PTSD.

The Premium Weighted Blanket by Rocabi not just offers you comfort, but also enhance the looks of your bedroom. It has a simple but effective design which includes a minky cover, made from the softest microfiber. The weighted inner sleeve is 100 percent cotton. It uses glass beads to help give more weight.


  • The integrated glass beads make the Rocabi blanket ideal for sensitive people

  • Its size and weight is ideal for adults

  • Combines cotton and polyester to balance the breathability of the blanket

  • This blanket uses a superb, elegant design which complements any bedroom


  • The size and weight are just restricted to adults

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Gravity Blanket, Original Weighted Blanket

Gravity Blanket, Original Weighted Blanket

Gravity Products is a renowned company about the manufacturing of superior weighted blankets. This blanket harness the power of a deep touch pressure stimulation that promotes calmness, relaxation as well as help boost sleep. according to the research, using this Gravity Blanket can help you have a longer, calmer as well as comfy night sleep, and feel rejuvenated when you wake up. The outer micro-fiber duvet is soft, as well as removable, while interior clasps keep this blanket soundly in place inside the duvet. It comes with a gridded stitching that makes sure the interior micro beads stays equally distributed. This is the most comfortable weighted blanket ever.

This blanket is made to be 10 percent of the weight and use deep pressure to vital parts of your body. The deep pressure feels like you are being hugged, and increase melatonin and serotonin level, while reducing cortisol, helping your nervous system to relax.


  • Machine washable

  • Original weighted blanket

  • Uses science to enhance your sleep and lessen anxiety

  • Premium quality


  • Some users report that the beads shift to one part of the blanket

  • Expensive

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YnM Weighted Blanket for Couple

YnM Weighted Blanket for Couple

You do not have to be diagnosed from any medical conditions to reap the advantages the YnM Weighted Blanket for Couple offer. However, in case you are experiencing insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, ADHO or any sensory disorders, you’re still sorted. This weighted blanket from YnM takes you in refreshing therapy every time you use it. It is calming and relaxing you would wish to live there forever.

The duvet cover is made of cotton, and it looks very stylish, attractive and easy to clean and wash. It also secures the interior layers from harm and damage while washing. You have the choice to use this blanket with or without the presence of the cover. This weighted blanket gives you an assurance of durability and comfort time and time again.

Other remarkable features of this weighted blanket include come with glass beads as filing with least use of fiber filling, and it has superb temp control. It measures 60 by 80 inches and weighs 15 pounds.


  • It has superb temp control so meaning this blanket can warm you or cool you up, it all depends on what you want at which specific instance.

  • It has lead-free, non-toxic as well as hypoallergenic glass beads

  • Offers great calming effects on people suffering from anxiety and other numerous disorders

  • The best cheap weighted blanket for anxiety on Amazon


  • Less usage of fiber filling might mean this weighted blanket is a remarkable cooling blanket

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Where to Buy Weighted Blankets

Where can you and I buy weighted blankets? Online is the best place to buy weighted blankets. There are lots of online stores that offer various kinds and brands of weighted blankets including Amazon.


Weighted blankets are indeed lifesaver for kids and adults suffering from proprioceptive conditions. These types of blankets are made to help keep hyperactive kids calmer and in better control of their senses. These provide natural therapies for insomnia, restless legs, anxiety or autism among other medical conditions.

There are lots of weighted blankets available on the market. Diverse companies claim that their blankets are the most excellent. But, the question is, how you will know if you are getting the best. Well, that is precisely what the best-weighted blanket review 2018 is made to do- to assist you to pick the cost-effective and the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be

These are suggested weights:

 Blanket Weight Body Weight
 10 lbs. 70 lbs – 120 lbs.
 15 lbs. 120 lbs – 170 lbs.
 20 lbs. 170 lbs – 220 lbs.
 25 lbs. 220 lbs – 270 lbs.
 30 lbs. 270 lbs – 320 lbs.

2. How to Make a Weighted Blanket

Check out our DIY quide here.

3. Why Get a Weighted Blanket

You can get a much more information from our reviews and articles but basically it helps to to sleep better.

4. How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

You should wash your blanket with cold water and air dry after the wash. For bigger blankets (over 12lbs) you can use a commercial washer on gentle. Microwave and dry clean should not be used.

5. What is a Sensory Weighted Blanket

These blankets provides pressure and sensory input to your body when you sleep. It almost feels like a hug and so helps you to sleep better.

6. What is a Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Mosaic just refers to patterns on blanket so you can fit it to your style.

7. What is Inside a Weighted Blanket

There are many kinds of materials used in commercial products but usually the blanket if filled with plastic pellets or glass balls.

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