Best Sleep Better Pillow Review 2019

Buying a new pillow is a complicated task. This is particularly true for people with severe pain and other health issues which need comfortable, supportive padding for the neck, head as well as shoulders. And while the usual pillow need not a replacement for 2 to 3 years, expected lifespan differs significantly on the type of pillow. Is it better to sleep without a pillow? The answer is no. Pillow is useful for people suffering from various kinds of health problems.

There are many factors to consider when buying a new pillow. One essential consideration is thickness or loft, and buyers must use their head size, weight, sleep position as well as shoulder width to know which thickness is ideal for you. Another factor is the composition of the material of the cover and fills, like pillows, these days are made from an extensive array of materials. Another essential criterion to consider is heat retention, moldability, pressure relief as well as price-point.

This best sleep better pillow review 2019 will help you narrow down your choices and at the same be able to buy one ideal for your specific needs.

Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleep Artisan Luxury Sleeper Pillow

Wellbeing, emotions as well as health, all these areas of life are harmed by poor or low quality sleep. So, what is the best way to obtain a good night sleep, this is through using the right and appropriate pillow. There are lots of pillows available out there, but not all are made equal. Flat, old and depleted pillows can cause neck pain, headaches, and joint pain. These pillows rob your health and sap your strength. If you are experiencing a Pancake Pillow Syndrome or if you have to wobble your pillow time and again to make it endurable, this issue can be addressed by choosing Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow.

At first glance, you will notice that Sleep Artisan has a crescent shape and intended for side sleepers. What makes this pillow apart from the rest is that it is not made with either microfiber or memory foam, but natural latex. A completely eco-friendly and healthy option, the Sleep Artisan Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow is manufactured in California. Like all other orthopedic pillows available out there, it is adjustable, and it also conforms to the shape of your neck, regardless of which side you sleep on. If you’re a back sleeper, the Sleep Artisan pillow can be put under your head to give support to your neck. This is hypoallergenic and breathable, natural latex contours to the body shape of the users, and keeps them supported all through the night. For the reason that natural latex is costly, expect to pay higher on this pillow.


  • Completely natural and eco-friendly
  • Better-quality natural latex
  • Ideal for side sleeper and back sleeper as well


  • Very expensive compared to other products

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Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Pillow with Dual Option Cooling-Gel

Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Pillow with Dual Option Cooling Gel

Sleep is better with the perfect pillow which keeps cool is a must for all people, and that is why Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Pillow with Dual Option Cooling Gel was made in the first place. This pillow is made to provide comfort with one part that features a cool layer of gel and the other improved with the company’s signature foam.

It doesn’t matter if you choose the cooling effect of gel tech or the cozier comfort of standard memory foam, this pillow will bear out to the contour of your neck and head, offering superb support as well as a perfect sleep temperature. With personalized sleep innovation and excellent knit cover, this cooling gel pillow will feel your head is resting on a cloud.

If you do not feel like have your head cooled one evening, you switch the pillow on the other side. As mentioned, one side of the pillow has cooling gel, and the other side is plain memory foam, thus makes it perfect for people searching for a pillow who can give them a good night sleep.

Another fantastic feature of this pillow is that it comes with gusset sidings and ventilation holes, to keep you fresh and cool all the time. The allergic feature of this pillow is maximized. Most pillows available are made keeping in mind that different people experience different types of allergies, and this pillow makes no exception. It is ventilation holes that make it the most excellent pillow for people suffering from allergies and searching for a dust mite resistant memory pillow.


  • A soft and firm pillow, the Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Pillow with Dual Option Cooling-Gel is the best cooling gel pillow accessible today. It represents the best and cheapest option for people struggling with pain and neck issues.
  • It provides weightless sleep experience
  • Allows you to sleep better
  • 10-year warranty


  • Expensive

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HL HealthyLine – Far Infrared Heated Neck Pillow, Cervical Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief

HL HealthyLine Far Infrared Heated Neck Pillow

Enjoy the flexible comfort of memory foam entrenched with tourmaline, amethyst as well as obsidian. Support the neck and head as you sleep, or utilize with any of the heating mats. Its style was perfected by sleep professionals to bring you the best support for the body’s vital spots.

This Far Infrared Heated Neck Pillow from HL Healthline is imported. It offers relaxing, soothing therapeutic heat straight to areas of strain and stress, soothing away shoulder and neck tension. For the safety of the users, just the neck portion of this pillow is heated.

Utilizing deeply penetrated negative ions, this pillow offers comforts all through the night for optimal sleep conditions. Together with an edge to edge natural gemstones, the Healthline Far Infrared Heated Neck Pillow is contoured for neck support and proper head support.

It has tourmaline that is known to give an energizing effect which helps with detox and channels the highest level of negative ions. On the other hand, the amethyst is renowned to be calming and best giver of FIR while the Obsidian expels negativity. This is available with one year warranty.


  • High quality memory foam components
  • Offers negative ions and far infrared while you sleep or relax
  • Improve the comfort as well as the quality of the sleep
  • Heat relaxes stress and tensions in shoulders and neck
  • Set exact temperature easily according to preference
  • Integrated with EMF filtration layers as well as wiring


  • Heat isn’t ideal for the brain, and so it’s just offered to the shoulder and neck parts
  • Stones make its surface firm that isn’t perfect for people who love fluffy and soft pillows
  • Not available with photon light therapy

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ComfyDown Support Plus Comfort Sleeping Pillow – Goose Down

ComfyDown Support Plus Comfort Sleeping Pillow Goose Down

If you want a blissful rest and relaxation regardless of sleeping positions, then you should try the ComfyDown support plus comfort sleeping pillow.

Bring yourself or loved ones a soothing and relaxing solution for slumber time issues with this comfortable and luxurious sleeping pillow from ComfyDown.

Filled with goose down from Europe for crucial hypoallergenic comfort, the ComfyDown Support Plus Comfort Sleeping Pillow is fluffy and light low-density pillow that is a perfect fit for turners and tossers of all types.

It comes with perfectly balanced 650-fill power that offers ideal assistance for achy shoulders and necks. The sturdy down-proof stitching keeps the premium feathers in the right place for so many years to come. A silky, smooth Egyptian cotton cover provides added treat and luxury with its soft 300-thread count fabric. What is more, you can rest easy knowing that this ComfyDown is machine washable, allergy-safe as well as not vacuum packed. Thus retain the shape every after use. This pillow provides deep sleep you deserve!

Still uncertain if it is the best rest for you? If you are not snoozing with 100 percent satisfaction, you can return the pillow within ninety days without questions asked. This pillow is RDS approved Oeko-Tex certified products.


  • 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • An excellent addition to the beautiful bedding!
  • Enjoy a deep sleep as well as more reliable relieve while you relax
  • No weird smell when washed
  • Sleep like a baby due to its remarkable comfort


  • Expensive

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Continental Bedding SP100-K Superior 100% Down Pillows-700 Fill Power (25oz.) -Hungarian White Goose Down Sleeper

Continental Bedding SP100 K-Superior Hungarian White Goose Down Sleeper

Continental Bedding is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality pillows. No other products can match Continental Bedding pillows when it comes to softness, comfort as well as quality. With SP100-K Superior 100 percent down pillows, you get the best and high-quality sleep you are dreaming of all the time.

Not like synthetic pillows, memory foam pillows, as well as feather pillows, Continental Bedding SP-100-K is a goose down pillows that is exceptionally luxurious. Down is natures premium insulator and fill and is also one of the most wanted fills for pillows and comforters alike. It will stay it loft and buoyancy, and this gives you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

Continental Bedding down pillows is integrated with remarkable features such as hypoallergenic. This ultra-clean goose down clusters is packed into striped damask cotton fabric. This doesn’t trap dust as well as allergens.

The 700 fill power white goose down is a high level of fill power that makes a solid yet bloated pillow. The spongy downy plumage fills provide you comfy warmth as well as softness, matchless by artificial fibers. This pillow has a perfect height which is ideal for back sleepers, side sleepers as well as stomach sleepers. This is completed with high-quality stitching as well as reinforced seams.

A lot of users enjoy this kind of pillow. The company is dedicated to supporting animal welfare. Continental Bedding also takes great care to be RDS certified. This certification makes sure that all down clusters come from geese which haven’t been subjected to unnecessary harm. This product audited as well as tested by a third-party certification body.


  • High-quality 100 percent down 700 fill power white good down pillow
  • Made of 100 percent cotton, 300 thread count
  • Filled with twenty-nine ounce, 100 percent white goose down
  • Imported, made in the US.


  • There are lots of bad reviews regarding this product

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Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Pillow – Emits Negative Ions – Crystal FIR Rays

This is one of the best FIR pillow available today that can be utilized with other Hot Stone Mats to relax and have a quality sleep. It’s a gentle support foam pillows weighing 2.7lbs of natural Amethyst gems and measures 20 by 12 by 4 inches. It has amazing wave line design that is featured with clear and see-through triangle line displaying Amethyst crystals, plentiful under the whole wavy surface in the pillow.

This pillow offers neck and head support for FIR heat therapy sessions. Also, it recaptures Far infrared heat from Amethyst Mat as well as radiate it at a lower strength. It functions well utilizing the mat for heating. It naturally generated negative ions and Far Infrared rays delicately and safely.

While sleeping, this pillow can soak up the extreme heat from hot portions of the head and go back to those zones that need more warmth as well as better circulation.

The Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Pillow is ideal for relaxation and healthy sleeping. However, once the heat resistant memory foam insert isn’t enough comfort, still you can use the removable or detachable pillowcase with crystals on your pillow.

Amethyst pillow plays a vital role in reducing emotional problems, depression as well as anxiety. It also protects from bed mite, molds as well as bacteria growth, this protects the head from electromagnetic waves.


  • Risk-free purchase, the company is particular that you will enjoy the soothing and relaxing effects of the pillow
  • Made of high quality materials that last for many years of using
  • MediCrystal FIR Amethyst Pillows derive from the manufacturer that is FDA registered and approved


  • One of the most expensive better sleep pillow Amazon available

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Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Symphony Pillow, Soft Support, Adaptable Comfort Washable Cover

The latest TEMPUR-Adapt Symphony Pillow provides the conforming support just TEMPUR material offers, combined with placating in a super lightweight, amazing style.

State of the art TEMPUR-Adapt Symphony Pillow combines two styles into one comfortable pillow. A quietly and softly bend side is intended for back sleepers. Flip the pillow for a flatter side which is made for stomach and side sleepers. The contoured TEMPUR component stays its shape, while a detachable, as well as the washable cover, helps a lot in keeping it looking amazing and great. The best thing about this product is that a five-year limited warranty supports it.

This pillow comes with amazing features such as:

Made of TEMPUR material which makes it a super lightweight pillow, it has exceptional conforming support and stunning design.

This pillow is made especially for you. The Tempur-Pedic pillow is made with pressure relieving components, made by NASA and made for you for quality and good night sleep.

Adaptive TEMPUR components provide personalized support as well as alignment, and it brings backs to its original shape or condition after every use.

The removable and detachable cover is made of quilted cotton that is breathable and soft and can be washed.

This pillow is made in the US and intended for all types of sleepers. It measures 24″ L by 17″ W by 5″ H.


  • High-quality material that lasts for many years of using
  • Made of TEMPUR material for conforming support
  • It has a stunning design
  • Comes with detachable cover and made in the US


  • This pillow may feel firm than expected. This can be addressed by giving the pillow enough time to “break-in.”
  • Also, you might notice a product smell right from the box. This is normal, and the odor will disperse after a few weeks of using this pillow.

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Best Pillows Buyer’s Guide

Like mattresses, pillows are vital in overall sleep quality. The better pillow can help make sure a comfortable sleep, while the wrong one can result in added pressure and strain in the shoulders and strain. However, looking for a pillow that is ideal for you is overwhelming.

Pillow shoppers should consider many factors when choosing which product to buy. The material is one vital consideration, considering the extensive array available today.

These take account of polyester, down, foam, cotton, latex, and buckwheat pillows, and organic or natural options. Looking for the right thickness or loft is also vital, and often comes down to the body type as well as comfort preferences. With six pillow sizes usually sold, knowing the right width and length also needs some thorough product research.

Pillow Sizes

Most pillows offered today come in various sizes: super standard, standard, King and Queen, Body Pillow or Euro. What is more, there are matching pillowcase sizes.

Pillow size comes down to individual preference and mattress size.

Standard: It’s the most common size for pillow sold these days. Except smaller euro size, standard size pillow is usually the shortest. There are also likely to be the least costly. One standard pillow usually is enough for full size or twin size mattresses, while two standard pillows are enough for king and queen size mattresses.

Super Standard pillow is a bit longer choice for sleepers who find Standard-size pillow to be very compact.

Queen pillows, on the other hand, offer additional space on both sides of your head, making queen size ideal for those who toss and turn and shift positions while sleeping at night.

King pillows provide extra space on both sides of your head make the King size right for people who toss and turn.

Euro pillows are available in different dimensions. However, they are always available in square-shaped.

Body Pillows are intended for sleepers who favor to nestle or hold onto their pillow while they are sleeping. They’re popular with side-sleeper people, and pregnant women as well.

Pillow Loft

Loft refers to the thickness or height of the pillow and is associated with how comfortable and supportive the pillow will feel for many sleepers. In general, a loft is categorized using these categories:

  • Low loft pillow is less than 3 inches thick.
  • Medium loft pillow falls between 3 and 5 inches thick.
  • High loft pillow is over 5 inches thick.

A lot of sleepers will not feel at ease on pillows with superb low or superbly high lofts; however, this will come down to individual preference.

Sleep position: Back sleepers are likely to take pleasure in medium loft pillows the most as they offer a balance of thickness and softness. But side-sleepers typically have additional space between the head and the pillow because of the position. Thus, they normally feel the most relaxed on pillows which are medium- or high loft.

Pillow position: A lot of people choose to sleep with their head totally under their head. These types of sleepers usually feel the most soothe and support from a low to the medium-loft pillow. If you sleep with pillow partially underneath your heads your may need higher loft to compensate for parts of your head that aren’t supported.

Body weight: Those weighing 230lbs compress mattress to a greater extent that leads to less space between the head and the sleep surface. These individuals are likely to opt to low to medium loft pillows. A lightweight sleeper doesn’t compress mattresses as much and frequently need a high-loft pillow to fill the additional space. People are weighing 130 to 230lbs frequently feel most relaxed with a medium loft pillow.

Body type: Knowing your body type can help you find the best and right pillow loft. One important consideration is the head size; if you have larger or heavier head often choose high-loft pillow because it offers extra comfort as well as support, while if you have a smaller or lighter head, you don’t need as much loft.

Type of Mattress: Some mattresses are made of materials that sink extremely beneath the body of the sleepers. For these types of mattresses, a low-loft pillow usually is sufficient. For innersprings, a medium- to the high-loft pillow is essential to give adequate comfort as well as support.


In general, there’s no such thing as the best pillow which will suit each one in any case. Each one has different requirements, and in due course, it is down to your personal preference. Different cover materials and fill have different firmness, cooling as well as comfort properties.

Hoping that this review helped you know which are the vital bed pillow products and brands you can purchase for your specific needs.

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