ZZZhen 1 Weighted Blanket-48 Premium Cotton Gravity Blanket

The Best Affordable Weighted Blankets 2019

In this article, we are going to review the best low budget weighted blankets on the market.

Are you looking for a reliable weighted blanket but run out of budget? Look no further because there are lots if weighted blankets for sale available online. All you need to do is to take time researching and finding the right one that will meet your needs and your budget as well.

A weighted blanket is the new hot accessory for sleeping. This is utilized for comfort, relaxation and is heavier than usual blankets and comforters. This type of blanket is not only weighted but also made to be soft and comfortable to make your bed feel like those in a 5-star hotel. To help you look for the perfect weighted blanket, this guide is made to help you navigate the weight, fabric, as well as size choices. But first, here are the factors that you must consider in your chase for affordable weighted blankets.

  • Size

This is a very factor to consider when buying an affordable heavy blanket. A weighted blanket is intended to fit your body, not your bed. The bigger you are, the bigger the heavy blanket must be.

  • Weight

How heavy should a blanket be? The rule of the thumb is to pick a weight which is 10% of your body weight with an extra pound included. You need to consider growth if you are buying a heavy blanket for your kid.

  • Color Choices

This is also a factor to consider when picking the right heavy blanket. Are you looking for a weighted blanket to match the interior of your bedroom? Do you want your blanket to be your preferred shade? Again, when picking a cheap weighted blanket, the color is based on personal choice. Usually, there are lots of different colors to select from.

  • Material

A lot of blankets are made from different kinds of materials. This is another personal preference. But, you can pick from cotton for cool, satin-cotton for heat sensitivity, flannel for warmth and many others.

  • Weight Capacity

Weight goes hand in hand with the dimension of your heavy blanket. The bigger you are, the more weight you’re going to need. Therefore, a 20 pounds heavy blanket will have a capacity of 150 to 200lbs and so forth.

  • Warranty

Weighted blankets are susceptible to lose stitching, ripping, as well as loss of weights. This is the reason why it is vital to ensure that the blanket you are planning to buy has a generous warranty in case there something goes wrong.

Now, that you already know the factors to consider when buying a weighted blanket, we will be going to review some of the best heavy blankets for sale. So, keep on reading!

ZZZhen 1 Weighted Blanket-48 Premium Cotton Gravity Blanket

ZZZhen 1 Weighted Blanket-48 Premium Cotton Gravity Blanket

For a comfortable and calming weighted blanket without spending a lot, consider the ZZZhen 1 weighted blanket. Living in a fast-changing environment makes prone to experience from insomnia, constant anxiety, as well as depression issues on a daily basis. Studies suggest that heavy blankets offer calming comfort for people dealing with sensory disorders.

A filling of high-quality glass beads and cotton helps maintain a right temperature while adding the appropriate amount of weight. This heavy blanket is made to be 10 percent of the user’s body weight to ease the nervous system, boosting your mood and promote the quality of your sleep. Through imitating the deep pressure touch simulation, this blanket releases these off-putting feelings without utilizing medication and external drugs, and a lot of people out there have already benefited from using this blanket. Besides, a Gravity blanket isn’t a new concept which is based on the renowned science of DTP or deep touch pressure. It has been utilized in OT or Occupational Therapy to boost respite and is suggested by physicians for many years now.


  • Ideal for people who have insomnia or under deep pressure which require a good and relaxing sleep.

  • The gentle weight of this blanket eliminates stress and makes better sleeping experience through stimulating the touch receptors in your body.

  • It has a customer-friendly design. The maker distributed weight in well-proportioned sewing which lessens the movement of fillings and gets rid of interior shifting noise.

  • This is made of high-quality cotton from Egypt and glass beads are sewed in multi-players with organic green tea extract to keep the freshness of the product.

  • ZZZ hens offer after sale services. They offer 30-day return and replacement service and a three-year warranty.

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Harmonia Weighted Blanket

Harmonia Weighted Blanket

This affordable weighted blanket is made with non-toxic microbeads, and breathable cotton thus wraps you in a relaxing, calming hug. Measuring 60 by 80 inches, this blanket fits both queen and full-size bed. This also comes with a free duvet cover.

If you are tired of turning and tossing all night or worn out of mind racing and twitching of muscle from stress, worry and anxiety, you need to try this effective, but a safe and medication free solution. The Harmonia Weighted Blanket is made from the best materials that can help user wind down and quietly drift off into a deep and refreshing sleep.

Research shows that this blanket can help stimulate the production of melatonin and serotonin, two body chemicals which help promote calming rest. The Harmonia sensory blanket provides a naturally cool cotton shell, perfect for four-season comfort. The safe and nontoxic fill feature contentedly smooth glass microbeads twenty pounds.


  • Nestle under this soothing twenty pounds weighted blanket and feel daily pressure gone. Equally distributed twenty-pound weight gives deep pressure therapy to calm and ease you to good night sleep.

  • The breathable, cool cotton and classic, elegant style give you a naturally cooling comfort even on a hot summer night.

  • Made in the USA, this affordable weighted blanket is intended to suit the classic style of stylishness while utilizing just high-quality materials. This blanket is weighted with environmental friendly quarts beads which allow this blanket to be up to sixty percent thinner and make sure a more calming and comfortable sleep.

  • With the right care, this blanket should last for many years.

  • This blanket comes with one year warranty. Once you see any defects upon delivery, simply return the product for a full refund.

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Syrinx Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs, 55″ x 82″, Blue

Syrinx Weighted Blanket Blue

Are you looking for an affordable weighted blanket, but without compromising the quality and reliability? If, so weighted blanket from Syrinx is worth trying for. Aside from being the best and most sought-after heavy blanket, Syrinx is also considered the cheapest product available.

This weighted blanket can provide you quality sleep. This can make you sleep quicker and better. It offers a remarkable, all-natural sleep help for kids and adults. This gives a gentle feeling of being embraced or cuddled to encourage restful and deep sleep. This will surely help you a good night sleep and wake in the morning feeling refreshed. It is silky and soft to touch, the material is high quality, and the price is good as well.


  • The latest process syrinx 2.0 had made an advance update on this blanket. The small square quilting along with the advance wrapping system and an exceptional seven-layer technology can obtain the effect of no seepage.

  • The inner layer of this blanket is made of 100 percent premium cotton, carefully chosen the origin that is more breathable to the body. It provides a calm and soft defensive nook like a mother’s embrace that simulates the ideal feeling of extra weight from comforters.

  • The company partnered with the most powerful OEM factories in the US, so you are assured of a high-quality product for the best reasonable price. They offer a warranty and after sale service as well.

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Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Blanket Super Soft and Warm Fuzzy

Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Blanket Super Soft and Warm Fuzzy

Shilucheng has been in the business for many years. They keep on providing high-quality weight blankets, including this one. Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Blanket is a king size weighted blanket that is soft, warm thus gives you a comfortable, good night sleep.

This is portable, super lightweight as well as easy to store. This is also a multi-function, super warm and durable blanket. This is durable at the same time keep you cozy and warm all year long. This is a number one choice for household, camping, backpacking, and other activities. This is also easy to care, you can wash this blanket separately or with other fleece blankets which is the same in texture to avoid abrasion, but make sure to avoid using bleach.

The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, call the company for a full refund or replacement. They are more than willing to give a refund without questions asked. They offer after sale service.


  • No risk purchase

  • Ideal gift for any events or occasions

  • Made of high-quality materials

  • Very affordable king size heavy blanket

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You can reap the benefits provided by a weighted blanket without spending a considerable amount of money. Listed above are some of the best but cheap weighted blankets available on the market today. They are equipped with advanced features, to give you comfort, relaxation and natural treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and sensory disorder. What is more, they are also available with a generous warranty.

That’s it! Please check out our other articles if you need more info about weighted blankets and how to sleep better. Remember also to check the latest prices and sales on Amazon.

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