Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen and Twin Size

Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen & Twin Size Review

We have a few reviews of cheap weighted blankets for adults. In this article, you learn all the pros and cons of Cooshi Queen and Twin size weighted blanket.

A weighted blanket has become a popular sleep accessory for children and adults alike. A lot of weighted or heavy blankets are filled with plastic or glass beads to make them heavier than normal blankets and quilts; usually, they are available in many weight options. This type of blanket is also ideal for kids and adults with certain medical conditions like autism spectrum disorder and depression. Today, there are lots of brands of weighted anxiety blankets for adults available; if you want to get the best one, you have to consider the Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen and Twin Size 60×80 15 Lbs.

Why Consider Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen and Twin Size 60×80?

Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen and Twin Size

Aside from being a cheap weighted blanket for adults, Cooshi weighted blanket is made making sure that it is reflective of their dedication and commitment to every detail. The manufacturer wants you to have a good and comfortable sleep, knowing your life will be better. If you feel happier and better, this will make all the things you do right. This blanket is made of 100 percent cotton and is nine square feet bigger than the usual 48 by 72 blanket available.

Product Description

Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen and Twin Size 60×80 is a versatile yet very affordable weighted blanket the provides adequate comfort and remarkable sleep therapy for kids and adults with anxiety, autism, body pains, and aches, insomnia and many others.

This heavy blanket from Cooshi is made to be 8-12 percent of the user’s body weight, helping them to sink back under the natural weight dispersal and relax. This blanket helps relax your nervous system using stimulating the sense of being hugged or embraced. The action set off the brain into thinking you’re safe and secured that helps them drift off into a stress-free slumber.

Thus, more melatonin and serotonin levels are flowing in your blood, which helps you keep sleep longer, while cortisol levels are reduced. That means you wake up feeling rejuvenated, rested, happier and more active for a beautiful day ahead.

The Features of Cooshi Weighted Blanket

  • This weighted blanket from Cooshi is made of 100 percent cotton for utmost comfort

  • It helps to relax your nervous system by stimulating the sense of being hugged or held

  • The fact that it measures 60n by 80 inches, this gives you the chance of using it on Queen or Twin sized beds and will be relaxing for more than one person.

  • The inner layer of this blanket is durable and machine washable.

  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


This weighted blanket from Cooshi offers many benefits such as:

  • Ideal for kids and adults of all sizes

  • Beneficial for people who choose body hugging blankets

  • Very reasonable weighted blanket so far

  • Made of high-quality materials


  • It doesn’t come with duvet, not like other weighted blankets available.


The Cooshi Weighted Blanket Queen and Twin Size 60×80 is what you consider if you are looking for a high-quality heavy blanket for a fraction of cost. This is an ideal weighted blanket for adults with anxiety, body ache and pain, insomnia and other sensory disorders. This is equipped with essential features to meet your sleeping needs.

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And that is the end of our review. I hope you enjoyed it. Please check out our other reviews and articles if you need to learn more about weighted blankets or how to sleep better. Also, check out the current prices and sales on Amazon!

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