Good Knight Weighted Blanket for Autism ADD Stress Anxiety

Good Knight Weighted Blanket for Autism ADD Stress Anxiety Review

If you are searching Autism Therapy Blanket then continue reading. In this article, we are going to review inexpensive weighted blanket for autism and sensory therapy.

Weighted blankets refer to a special type of blanket which is utilized in calming people who normally have an issue in sleeping. This heavy blanket is usually filled with exceptional super lightweight beading that applies gentle pressure to the body. The pressure is a sensory input for those with disorders which prevent them from having a comfortable and good night sleep. The pressure provides proprioceptive input to your brain, resulting in the release of melatonin and serotonin in the body.

With lots of weighted blankets available on the market today, it makes it hard to pick the best one which will meet your needs and budget. If you are looking for the best and inexpensive weighted blanket, Good Knight Weighted Blanket for Autism ADD Stress Anxiety 60″x80″ 17 lbs is the best option.

More about Good Knight Weighted Blanket for Autism ADD Stress Anxiety

Good Knight Weighted Blanket for Autism ADD Stress Anxiety

This heavy weighted blanket therapy for autism has proven capabilities to enhance sleep. You will find it very comforting and relaxing, as it feels like someone is embracing or hugging you. This is ideal for looking for the rest you want to rejuvenate and recharge your energy all through the night.

This blanket is made of superior 100% breathable cotton material. The inner fillings are made of small pellets, which are equally dispersed on the surface. Good Knight Weighted Blanket measures 60 by 80 inch, making it ideal for teens and adults alike.

This heavy blanket does not come with a duvet cover, so you will have to buy it separately, should you want to keep your blanket away from wear and dirt. This blanket is also machine-washable, making it easy for you to clean this bedroom accessory.


  • De-Stress and Enhance Sleep

It comes with an extra weight which soothes your nervous system providing a sense of being cuddled. Thus, allows you to fall asleep faster and enhance the overall quality of sleep.

  • Helps in Sensory Conditions

A lot of studies have revealed that this type of blanket can offer many advantages to both adults and teens, from minimizing stress and anxiety to helping soothe restless legs. The manufacturer designed this blanket to help with ADHD, DHD, sleep disorders, sensory as well as anxiety.

  • Made of High-Quality Cloth

The Good Knight Weighted Blanket made of 100 percent premium cotton. Every square is packed with small non-toxic, poly-pellets to deal out weight equally across your whole body.

  • Perfect for Everyone

This is ideal for adults and teens alike up to 6’6 inches tall. The company measures each blanket during the production process to make sure precise and correct sizing.


  • Helps in inducing sleep faster

  • Provides great therapeutic effects

  • This is made of superior and high-quality components

  • Alleviates sleep disorders and anxiety and relieve stress


  • Duvet cover is not included in the package


The Good Knight Weighted Blanket is no doubt one of the best autism weighted blanket today due to its amazing benefits its offer. It boost the quality of your sleep, helps in sensory disorders and most of all very reasonable.

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And that is the end of our autism therapy blanket review. Please check out our other articles and reviews if you want to know more about different blankets or you are just searching for tips and tricks for better sleep. Remember also to check the latest prices and sales on Amazon.

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