Insomnia vs a Few Bad Nights’ Sleep

Insomnia vs a Few Bad Nights’ Sleep

When is it insomnia or is it just a few bad nights’ sleep? How can you tell if you are having a bit of a rough patch or if you have a chronic sleep problem? The answer to this question according to Dr William Kohler, Medical Director of the Florida sleep Institute, is this “Insomnia persists (for more than a couple of nights) and interferes with your functioning”.

Underlying reasons for insomnia include pain, medications, sleep disorders, and poor sleep habits. If you have been experiencing insomnia for several weeks as a result of one of these reasons, you should consult your doctor.

However, if you are just simply experiencing a few bad nights’ sleep, you might be worried about a particular event or deadline. Don’t worry, this will pass once the stress is over.

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