Mom Sleep Deprivation

Moms and Sleep Deprivation

It is a fact… Moms simply don’t get enough sleep. It starts in pregnancy; then there is the feeding, teething, fever, nightmares, tantrums, and many other things that Moms wake up to in the middle of the night. To make it worse, Moms then trade off sleep for that little bit of peace and quiet late at night once the kids go to bed! Ask any Mom and they will say that sleep deprivation is just part of being a mother!

Keep yourself and your family safe

However, don’t ignore your own health, it is hard to get enough sleep as a Mom but it is worth the effort. When you are sleep deprived, it not only affects you but it also affects everyone in your family, particularly your child… you are more likely to make mistakes, or have an accident, particularly in the car.

So think hard about what your sleep loss is costing you… think about how much more enjoyable and productive your time with your child would be when you are not sleep deprived and at your best?

A great article from WebMD I read today discussed the topic of Moms and Sleep Deprivation in detail. It also gave some fantastic hints for Moms on how to get more sleep. You should take a moment out of your busy schedule to check it out.

Check out also our other tips and tricks about how to get better sleep. Read also our reviews for weighted blankets and other products (we will update new reviews all the time) if you sleeping gear need updates.

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